Staxus: Blond Boy Gets Blacked With A Rock Hard Fantasy Rim & Fuck!


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Scene Title: Blond Boy Gets Blacked With A Rock Hard Fantasy Rim & Fuck! HD

Featuring: River Wilson, Jake Stark

Scene Length: 30 minutes

Release Date: September 2nd, 2018


A semi-accidental encounter between STAXUS favourite, Jake Stark, and horny black boy, River Wilson, sets off a feverish fantasy that we know is gonna get every interracial fan into a lathered frenzy. And no fucking wonder! Stark, as we all know by now, is a stalwart performer who enhances any scene; whilst Wilson is deliciously hung, as you might expect, with the kind of stamina that sends his new fuck-buddy into stratospheric delirium. In fairness, however, it’s the young visitor to Prague who looks like he can’t get enough cock to begin with; as he pleasures himself at the thought of gobbling away on Stark’s generous ramrod.

But you pretty much know that it’s the handsome blond lad who’s gonna be the one at the receiving end of dick before very long; and once Wilson has made the effort to introduce Stark’s pucker to his probing tongue, Stark’s hungry guts are quite literally being buggered to high heaven for our perverse entertainment. In short, if you like seeing sweet-faced white boys being mercilessly skewered by thick black salami, then this is for you; all culminating in Stark erupting like a feckin’ volcano whilst riding the beast, before slurping on black jizz like a whore!

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