Homoactive.com & Radvideo.com Deep Linking Guide – By popular request!

Dear Affiliates,

Since many of you have had troubles in the past with using deep links to products or categories on Homoactive.com and Radvideo.com, we have decided to publish an in-depth guide on using your Homoactivecash.com tracking code in combination with the retail websites links.

This is a long guide – click here to read the whole post on our Homoactivecash.com Blog

As you may already know, Homoactivecash.com allows you to use either encoded or un-encoded tracking links.

This is an example of encoded linking:


And an example of un-encoded linking: 


The un-encoded links basically use your affiliate username. Some of you might want to use these kind of links instead of the long, scrambled encoded links. To change from encoded to un-encoded links, login to your Homoactivecash.com, go to Ad Tools » Linkcodes and change your Link style from the Linkcode settings area.

Below you will find multiple examples on how to deeplink on both Homoactive.com and Radvideo.com, using either encoded or un-encoded links:

Homoactive.com Encoded tracking links:


A) Homoactive.com specific DVD linking:

First go to the DVD of your choice. The link should be something like:


Then go to your Homoactivecash.com Linkcode section and copy your Homoactive.com tracking link:


Next you need to combine the two links by replacing “http://www.homoactive.com” with your affiliate tracking link. Make sure you keep everything starting from /dvds.

In the end your final link should look like this:



B) Homoactive.com specific Studio link:

First go to Homoactive.com and either search for the studio you want or use the sidebar to select it. In my example I used Staxus as studio and you will receive a very long link like:


As in the DVD linking example, all you need to do is replace http://www.homoactive.com with your affiliate tracking link while keeping the rest of the link intact.

The end result should look like this:



C) Homoactive.com specific Category link:

First go to Homoactive.com and select a category from the left sidebar. I have opted for “Bareback” and received this link:


As in the DVD / Studio linking example, all you need to do is replace http://www.homoactive.com with your affiliate tracking link while keeping the rest of the link intact.

The end result should look like this:



D) Other Homoactive.com examples:

You can use the process described above to link to virtually anything on Homoactive.com. The linking system will be the same for all the links, take the first part of the link from Homoactivecash and the second part of the link from Homoactive.com.

Here are some more examples:

Homoactive.com Download Category:


Homoactive.com Download Product:


Homoactive.com Toys Category:


Homoactive.com Toy Product:


Homoactive.com Actor:


Homoactive.com Download Studio:



Homoactive.com Un-Encoded tracking links:

To use un-encoded links instead of encoded links, the process is identical to the one described above. All you need to do is replace the encoded part of the link with your un-encoded part from Homoactivecash.com:

/MTAwMTQ4LjE4LjE2LjE2LjAuMC4wLjAuMA/ will become /andreif. in my case.

All the other components of the link (start and end) will remain unchanged.

Please be careful when linking to Homoactive Downloads and Homoactive Underwear products or categories. The numbers for these programs are different from Homoactive.com standard program:

Homoactive.com Standard un-encoded tracking link part: /andreif.

Homoactive.com Underwear un-encoded tracking link part: /andreif.10020.

Homoactive.com Downloads un-encoded tracking link part: /andreif.10019.


Radvideo.com Encoded / Un-Encoded tracking links:


Linking to Radvideo.com is identical to Homoactive.com since both retail sites are running on identical software platforms.

The linking process is the same as the example above, all you need to do is replace the start of the link as follows:

http://dvdsales.homoactivecash.com/ will be replaced with http://www.radvideocash.com/